People do not wake up thinking “Hmmm… Today I hope I feel sad, lonely, unhealthy, or anxious!” But here’s the deal… CRAPPY situations occur and mistakes are made that can increase the chances of feeling this way. But don’t worry, I have a magic pill that will never leave you feeling sad again! Ok, just kidding, I wish that was true, but I at least want to share one protective factor for becoming more resilient to mental health issues. I hope that you can see the benefit of having goals and hope for a future. That way you can take steps, even if they are small, toward something bigger and more exciting than you and your pain, sadness, anger, anxiety, loneliness, and physical health issues. Silly or Serious, physical or spiritual, Setting and accomplishing goals can help us feel good about ourselves and give us purpose in our own lives and within our communities. So here is my Bucket list! Will you share a few of yours with me?

Here we go:
1. Compete in a triathalon *
2. Own my own business *
3. Forgive someone who doesn’t ask for or deserve it
4. Go sky diving
5. Build a tree house
6. Bungee Jump *
7. Paint a picture on canvas *
8. Be in a community Theatre production
9. Play guitar/Sing in front of an audience *
10. Run a marathon in less than 4 hours
11. Surprise someone I love who is far away *
12. Backpack Europe *
13. Backpack South America *
14. Get “leid” (not laid) in Hawaii *
15. Go on a train ride *
16. Take a trip to space
17. Read the whole bible cover to cover*
18. Visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras
19. Fly a kite as an adult.
20. Adopt a child
21. Drive a car British style: wrong side of the road
22. Plant a tree
23. Attend a music festival *
24. Travel to all 7 continents
25. Get up close to a live volcano *
26. Write a book
27. Jump off a cliff into water *
28. Learn how to surf
29. Watch the Olympics live
30. Tour a vineyard in Napa *
31. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower
32. Visit the Vatican *
33. Buy a car *
34. Watch the world cup *
35. Backpack in the mountains *
36. Bring someone to know Christ *
37. Ride on the back of a motorcycle *
38. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon *
39. Fall in love *
40. Go to Isreal
41. Have a six pack (abs)
42. Go kayaking *
43. Make a donation *
44. Go on a random road trip *
45. Find the perfect margarita *
46. Compliment a complete stranger *
47. Learn how to play an instrument *
48. Be the subject of a photo shoot *
49. Invent a Dance Move
50. Write a song *
51. Kiss in the Rain *
52. Perfect my meemaw’s recipe chocolate pie *
53. Give a hundred dollar tip
54. Get a tattoo *
55. Read an entire book in one afternoon
56. Do a 3-day fast
57. Do a complete random act of kindness *
58. Learn how to play disc golf *
59. Hike Behind a waterfall *
60. Ride in a hot air balloon
61. Get my LMFT license *
62. Cook up a really fancy dinner *
63. Spend a day at the spa
64. Sleep under the stars *
65. Have a romantic picnic *
66. Play on a club ultimate team *
67. Be told I look like someone famous *
68. Score a Hatrick in soccer *

* = Completed

(It originally had 100 goals, but I will admit, I deleted some for the public, since they are personal and close to my heart. It’s okay to have goals that are just for you ).

Make a list! It feels so good to check one of your bucket list items off! I believe in you!