1) Life is hard, and we weren’t meant to go at it alone.
2) THERAPISTS WANT TO HELP! They usually get in the business because they really desire to help people feel better and probably were told they were pretty good at it at some point.
3) Who likes sharing their embarrassing crap with everyone.. why not with someone who is legally bound to keep it confidential.
4) Therapists are trained to deal with all those weird feelings thoughts, and conflicts we naturally have. YEARS of School, THOUSANDS of hours, Multiple National and State Exams, handfuls of conferences and trainings.. we are fairly equipped to do the job.
5) Sometimes a 3rd party is just the ticket to resolving that constant fight you and your partner are having without airing your dirty laundry to the universe.
6) We feel like a burden to others when we are going through a difficult time, but Therapists are PAID to listen and respond with questions to help you figure out your own mess, or give answers in some cases if you really can’t get there yourself