Over Thanksgiving break I went home to visit my parents in a small town near Dallas Fort Worth. Since they were moving to a new home, they had boxed up a bunch of old ribbons, pictures, trophies, and books of mine. Included in one of the boxes was a folder full of finished projects. The folder contained this:IMG_0426
My little Texas Elementary School 5th grade class had been asked to come up with one sentence life lessons from some very popular children’s books. I wondered if my 10 year-old self would have any applicable wisdom for me today, so I perused “My Wisdom Book.” Why do we make things so complicated as adults? If only I could live as simply as my 10 year-old self preached!

Here were my simple life lessons. Here we go!

1. imgres-4

“I learned that you need to use what you have in the best way you can.”

2. imgres-5

“I learned that best friends will lean on each other and even if one moves or is lost, They’ll always love one another.”

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“This lesson taught me to always be determined and even if you feel you are poor. You are rich in a way.”

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“The important thing about this book was if you love something that much, you will try it and never give up.”

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“If you have it all, nobody is going to like you, if you are not nice about it.”

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“This book taught me that you don’t have to follow the group. You should do what makes you feel good.”

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“the perfect summary-moral of this story would be friends are the most valued posession in life and don’t take advantage of them.”

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“I learned that it’s not what people look like it’s what’s inside that counts.”

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“The handsome boy isn’t always sweet. And people should like you for who you are.”

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“I learned don’t judge someone by what they look like.”

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“Something I learned was friendship is more important than money. And some people don’t always realize that.”

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“In this book there was a lesson that says friends will appreciate you for who you are, not for what you think you can do better than anyone else.”


Pretty smart advice if I do say so myself!
Now… to live… to LIVE is a-whole-nother question at hand.