#1. Ask your questions when you have doubts, but ultimately listen to those who offer wise counsel.
My start to 2014 was difficult. I was suffering with symptoms of post concussive syndrome and had daily headaches, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, and feeling super low. I was in and out of doctor’s offices with many Doctor recommendations for medicine that I refused to take, mostly due to my own pride. Finally, I took their advice and took the medicine they had been recommending for months. Miraculously, I felt better! I wish I had listened to them way sooner, after a couple weeks I wasn’t in pain anymore, I could finally work out again, be in noisy atmosphere’s again, and work again. I had my life back.

#2 Patience is a beautiful virtue worth pursuing:
The concussion healing process took months. However, I learned a lot. I also have learned much about patience in my relationship with my fiance. We each had our own journeys to go through to make sure we were ready for our joint adventure. Now we are! But it did take some time, and it was for sure worth it!

#3 Plan, Plan, Plan! Getting Licensed, Moving, Wedding Planning, and Starting Your Own Business is a lot of Work!
In the last year, I have gotten engaged, planned and executed a move from California to Texas, been planning our wedding, and we started up 2 business: Therapy Coffee and Tea, a mobile espresso bar, as well as my own therapy private practice Wendy LMFT. Let me tell you, I am a right brain dominant person, but to get all of this done, takes a lot of logistics, planning, discipline, follow-up, and persistence. As I approach my 30th birthday, I am having to plan more than ever to keep things calm and sane for me with all the new changes. Since they are all wonderful changes for my benefit and the benefit of my family, it is definitely worth the work.

#4 Don’t Forget your Family and Friends
With all of the aforementioned stuff that is going on in my life, it’s easy to get sidetracked or just too plain tired to hang out. But I NEED MY FRIENDS. When life gets stressful or busy, do not let friendships become unimportant. Friends are the people you will call when you need to move a couch, celebrate the fun stuff, cry over the crappy stuff, or just get some advice you don’t pay 100 dollars a session for 🙂

#5 Have fun! Stay sane: Whatever that means you need to do 
For me, it’s exercise, baking, having a good cry, or being outdoors. For you, maybe it’s quilting, working on cars, reading magazines or a good book, going to therapy, training for a marathon, dating, cooking, traveling, or whatever it is you do. If you don’t have one of these fun relaxing activities, find one!

#6 Keep a Budget
When I have a little extra spending cash, I tend to stop looking at exactly what I am buying item per item, which means I buy more. However, when I have a budget and a shopping list written out, I am less likely to buy things that I don’t need. Given the current average person’s debt in the country, a budget might be a great idea for the new year. Ideas at: Cheapskate

#7 When it Comes to Money, Trust SLOWLY
With starting our 2 businesses, WOW, have we learned a lot. We have had people take our money for a job and then not do jobs we hired them for. We have also had people do terrible work and provide terrible service and refuse to give our money back at the end of the day. We have had people be dishonest with us. It’s been a frustrating process. I am learning that while I want to believe that everyone is good, it is not necessarily true, especially when it comes to money.Some people are really good at first impressions. Get references for people. Pay for satisfaction guaranteed- completed work.

#8 Soak up Love, Soak up your Abilities:
As I am getting older and newly feeling how slow the rehab process is after sports’ injuries, watching my parents getting older, and watching grandparents getting WAAAAAY older, I am realizing that the “Good Life” is precious! That goes for my body’s ability and the bodies of those I love. One of the things that is really important to my fiance is being able to spend time with his grandmother in Colorado as much as possible in her later years. When you have an opportunity to spend time with those you love, do something cool like a once in a life time trip, or train your body for a difficult task such as a triathalon, SOAK IT UP. These moments might not come around so often.