One of my favorite skills that I have cultivated in my life is my ability to speak spanish. The original reason I learned it was because when I was in high school, a really cute boys soccer team from Colombia came to play in an international soccer tournament in Dallas, TX.

Attractive Colombian soccer players can do cool stuff like this:

So clearly I need to learn to talk to them more. Haha. Anyway, I started studying in high school, realized I loved the language, studied more in college at UT, and went to study abroad in Granada, Spain. I followed my college years with a missionary year in El Salvador, doing youth ministry at a Spanish speaking church, and going to grad school in California where I received my degree, and kept getting to practice therapy in Spanish.

Now I am a fluent Spanish speaking therapist, and although I am far from perfect, I have an ability for which I am thankful. This week when I think of what I am thankful for, this comes to mind. and I love that in Spanish, Thanksgiving translates to Accion de Gracias. I love the word Accion associated with Thanks! I think we all should show action towards other for what we feel thankful for.

I am thankful for how my husband loves me well, so I “Show” him love in my actions.

I am thankful for friends, so I “show” them they aren’t forgotten.

I am thankful for kindness, so I smile and offer a hand how I can.

I am thankful for my abilities so I “show” up in my life to use them in a meaningful way.

I am thankful for what I have in my life, so I try to remember everyday to “show” mercy and kindness to others who may have less.

Anyway, this ability has pushed me into the realm of my vocation to help many different people from many different countries and cultures, both as a missionary and as a therapist. May my Thankfulness for this skill produce Action this Thanksgiving and always.

May your gratitude and thankfulness for skills you have learned, produce Action this Thanksgiving and always.