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Hey everyone! I am so excited to be announcing a new group that I am starting for teen girls who are at least 14+ years-old (going into High School – getting ready for college).

This group will cost $55 a session (less than 1/2 the price of my normal individual therapy session price and yet a half hour longer!). I will have a package of 5 sessions for $210 if you pay up front ($42 per session) or a package of 10 sessions for $400 ($40 per session).

This group will focus on:

Self-Esteem, Body Image, Body Positivity, Intuitive Eating to Nourish and Fuel us.

Coping with Stress/Sadness/Anxiety within specific family situations, friend groups, relationships, feeling lonely, and more generalized versions of these feelings.

Making Safe and Healthy Choices– eliminating self harm/destructive eating habits,

We will do this by creating a supportive space of safety, trust, acceptance/non-judgment to process life events, explore relationships, We will encourage Vulnerability, Communication, and Honesty.

We will challenge each other to set positive goals for our lives and keep each other accountable.

I will be sending out an email to my clients families today in order to vote on the best day/time for the group.

Here is the link if you are interested:

Group Survey



Reach out by email or phone if you have questions:


(512) 649-1049