Thank you for your patience while I’m out spending some very special first weeks with my little precious one.

Current Clients:
I have made every attempt to reach you with potential referrals that
you may contact during my leave if you need supplemental support. I
chose these referrals intentionally and am hoping they will be a great
fit. If you prefer to wait, please reach back out to me in November. I
will do my best to respond to you right away upon my return.

Potential New Clients:
If can wait, I will respond about meeting as soon as I get back, and I
look forward to meeting you! In the meantime, please refer to the FAQ
section of my website for any questions regarding my pricing,
location, etc.:

Hopefully you were already aware of my leave, but if not, know that I
am thankful for your work with clients as well as grateful for your
support and patience until I get back.

Reminder for All:
Take care of yourself and use those coping skills! Even when you
struggle, know that you are worthy of love, brave, and strong. I’m
very excited to see you and work together again when I get back!


Ps. While I gave a much more extensive and personal list for
referrals, and you will have to contact them yourself to see if they
are taking new clients, here are a few names to get you started:
-Fadya Albakry or Traci Pirri (adults, trauma, addiction)
-Kristi Waidhofer or Amanda Fuhr (Eating disorders, adolescents)
-Jeff Dooley, Casey Lepper, or Anna McElearney (Couples)
-Dana Doerksen or Tammy Corrales (trauma, addiction,
-Plumeria- Insurance Clients

Looking forward to hearing about your journeys and explorations upon my return!

Acceptance. Hope. Healing.